hi carla

this has been a very unique meeting for me. I am not sure why but I'm not sure it matters. I started saying goodbye to you while being here, in the spaces between seeing you. this is the weirdest website I have ever built.

there are only two five things here:

short log
nov 18, 23:?? you taught me the word reciprocal
nov 19, 01:02 i saw your video dancing and things became clear
nov 19, 20:32 you wiping my shower floor 1st time
nov 22, 17:55 i send you two messages, you don't reply
nov 23, 18:52 i send you three mesasages, you don't reply
nov 25, 21:47 you are alive
nov 27, 19:45 contact class starts and i see you after more than a week
nov 29, 23:?? you and your cigarettes sitting with me on the bus, i don't know how to beg you to get off the same station with me
nov 29, 00:34 you eating really red soup with leonard cohen
nov 30, 14:14 blocking you because you're not interested
dec 4, 15:23 filming you rolling on the floor in a nazi museum
dec 6, 10:26 6802 is the portkod
dec 8, 21:35 this is so funny i'm even doing this, but it's your birthday so i decided to make you a website
dec 13, 15:03 you forgot your soap shampoo thing
dec 14, 21:54 this is endless and i can continue forever, but i'll freeze it here